Can Sleep Affect the Way You Look

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A healthy lifestyle has a lot to do with your appearance because your daily routine can influence the way you look. The sleeping routine is part of the details that affect the way you look and not getting enough sleep or poor quality sleep can leave marks on your aspect. From dark eye circles to weight fluctuations, there are many side effects sleep can have on your beauty, reasons enough for you to improve your sleep.
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Poor sleep results in aged skin

Sleeping is the perfect time for your brain, skin, and body to recover after a long and tiresome day. All the damage to your skin cells can be repaired during a restful night sleep when your body eliminates dead skin and brain cells so new ones can be formed. Not sleeping enough will not give your skin the chance to recover and get rid of all the dead cells that ruin its aspect. A restful night sleep can be essential for you skin’s beauty which means you will have fewer wrinkles and a younger and healthier skin by only getting enough sleep at night.

Not sleeping takes the moisture from your skin

Poor quality sleep also affects the moisture levels of the skin, resulting in a dehydrated and sensitive skin. The pH levels of your skin will become unbalanced, which means your skin will not produce enough moisture and it will become dry and sensitive, with red spots and itchiness caused by the lack of moisture. Allow your body to ensure the proper hydration during the night by having at least 8 hours of restful sleep.
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Dark eye circles are a sign of tiredness

Not getting enough sleep causes dark circles around your eye which are actually dilated blood vessels caused by tiredness. When you don’t sleep, the skin under your eyes becomes thinner and the blood vessels dilate to such point that you will develop dark areas around the eyes, which are the first sign of tiredness you show. If you sleep enough at night, you won’t have to worry about puffy eyes and dark circles in the morning.

Sleep problems can cause weight problems

If you don’t sleep enough, you could ruin your figure as your body will become unbalanced. Sleep deprivation is often linked to weight problems because your body can no longer regulate its metabolism and it will gather calories and fat. Therefore, getting enough sleep can also mean a slimmer figure and a more regulate weight.
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Ways to improve your sleep

Now that you know the importance of sleep, you must do your best to get enough sleep at night. If you can’t manage to fall asleep easily and to achieve a restful sleep throughout the night, try using a sound machine that will mask the disturbing sounds in your bedroom and will promote a restful sleep. Or you could take a warm bath before going to sleep and add some scented oils to the water so they will induce a feeling of relaxation.