Does Bread Really Make You Fat?

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Over time, bread has gained an extremely bad reputation, being considered the main element of weight gain. A lot of people have excluded bread from their diets, blaming all the weight gain on this food. But is bread actually that fattening? If you want to find out the truth, read the following lines.
Does Bread Really Make You Fat? Picture

How bread can make you fat

No matter what type of bread you eat, you will inevitably gain weight if you consume more calories that the body actually needs. If you consume more calories than the body needs for energy, you will have a calorie surplus that the body will store as fat. Considering that an average slice of bread contains about 75 calories and that you must consume 3500 calories to gain 1 pound, it’s clear that bread isn’t the issue, but actually the way you consume it. Therefore, bread can make you fat, but only if you’re irresponsible about how much bread you actually eat on a daily basis.

Visceral fat concerns

Food has a strong influence on how the body distributes weight. Unfortunately, refined grains can make you store visceral fat. Therefore, it’s recommended that you stay away from excessive consumption of white bread if you don’t want to expand your waistline. The healthy alternative that you can turn to is to consume bread made out of whole grains because this type of bread won’t increase visceral fat.

Guidelines for eating bread without gaining weight

As you have probably already understood from the previous lines, consuming bread doesn’t actually make you fat. The only circumstance in which bread can make you fat is if you consume it in large amounts on a daily basis. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the delicious taste of homemade bread that you prepare with the bread maker while managing to maintain your weight, consume moderate portions. Keeping in mind that your diet must contain 2000 calories, the maximum amount of bread that you should consume is 6 slices per day. This way you will be able to eat the delicious product provided by the bread maker, maintain a good health, and keep your body in shape.