Environmental Factors that Alter Sleep Quality

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The importance of sleep quality

In order to sleep well, it’s both relevant to focus on the number of hours and how well you sleep. The main idea is that our daily routine is based on an energy level and we can’t hide its “symptoms’’. Sleep problems can cause minor disorders from an early age to adulthood, but if you’ll take care of yourself you won’t have anything to worry about. Having trouble sleeping can become very frustrating and even if you struggled with this kind of problem, there is a solution for you.

This disorder is ignored by many people but it’s causing damage or it can lead to low job performance, memory problems and depression. Preparing your brain and body for sleep is a whole process. You can start by doing something calm such as listening to music or taking a relaxing bath. Try to diminish the stress and don’t stare into any bright screens on laptops in the evening!

Here are some of the benefits that a healthy sleep routine can bring:

•    Fix your stress issues;

•    Reduces the risk of a heart attack;

•    Reduces your weight;

•    Improves your emotional intelligence.

How environmental factors affect your sleep?

For those who have the intention to sleep well, environmental factors can be harmful. The World Health Organization is associating a good environment with better sleep. Researchers found that a poor environment can have a negative impact on your sleep and here we have some of the environmental factors.

•    Light can have a major impact on our sleep cycle! The retinas in our eyes react to light, so they tell the brain whether it’s daytime or nighttime.

•    Noise may perhaps be more influential than light. Not surprisingly, from things like traffic roads, trains and planes, their severity and intensity differ, and some people are more sensitive to noise pollution.

•    Temperature also has to be right for ideal sleep conditions, and the recommended temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you have the ideal ‘climate’ in the bedroom, you should start to see a change in sleep quality.

•    According to statistics, the emissions of air pollutants are still too high and air quality problems persist. Because of this issue, your body is exposed to unhealthy air that can cause you premature illness.

•    Humidity is water vapor present in the air. The levels of humidity can affect the comfort of your home. Many people have found an optimal solution for this problem through the use of a humidifier for bedroom that focuses on normalizing moisture levels in their sleep chamber.

The changeover of your house into a healthy environment

Here are some recommendations in order to focus on leading a healthier lifestyle.

First, you have to avoid sleeping for less than 9 hours because you risk the chance of your body failing to recharge. Sleep is a period when it’s mandatory to have our body rest after a long day. Nighttime is the best and only alternative to regenerate the cells and maintain a good medical condition.

Because we spend a lot of time in our houses, we need to be aware that a safe space must have carbon monoxide alarms near bedrooms. Next on, we have to avoid the use of chemical pesticides or chemical cleaners, natural alternatives including solutions like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon!

Plant some trees around your property or start a small garden. People who live in areas with more green space tend to be happier and healthier.

Make your home’s environment less conducive to cold and improve your sleep. There are numerous reasons why you might be thinking about solutions when it comes to the home environment. Research suggests that certain patterns of activity in the brain are linked to good surroundings.

Preserving a healthy environment is important to increase the quality of life. Climate change is suddenly affecting all of us by creating improper environmental conditions that affect air quality.

Beside health advantages, the potential impact of a safe environment is serious and gives other possible gains like:    

•    Fresh energy;

•    Prevention of diseases;

•    Reduces insomnia.

Luckily, nowadays there are companies that make eco-friendly cleaning products that help you have a clean house without any extra damage to your medical condition. Therefore, a balanced routine and a healthy environment, according to doctors, is more than necessary for a long life. However, the purpose of this article is to increase your awareness and to verify the link between environmental factors and a healthy life.