Hair Color Ideas that Flatter Your Skin Tone

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When you choose every detail of your look, you have to make sure the overall result will complement your features and will create an even and pleasant appearance. One of the details you have to keep in mind when creating your look is the hair color and it must match other features like your skin tone so you will achieve a natural look. Not going for the right hair color can ruin your entire aspect, so we thought you might need some help in choosing the hair color that flatters your akin tone.
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Fair skin tone

Finding the perfect hair color for a fair skin tone is the most challenging because you will have to avoid creating high contrasts. Fair skin usually goes very well with hues like butterscotch, honey, or champagne blonde that will bring out the ivory in their skin. Avoid light blondes like ash blonde or platinum blonde that will make the face look dull but also avoid dark tones that will bring out the white in your skin. A natural look can be achieved with a sleek red hair color or a copper shade that will flatter light skin tones and light colored eyes.
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Medium skin tone

This is a very versatile skin tone that can easily complement many hair color ideas from the lightest blondes to medium blonds and browns. Medium skin and light eyes go very well with highlights that create layers and contrasts. You can also opt for sandy tones, wheat blondes, chestnut browns, or golden caramels that will flatter the medium skin tone.
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Olive skin tone

Women with olive skin tone will look stunning with deep browns and natural earthly tones. Usually, an olive skin comes with dark eyes that go very well with brown hues of various intensities. The hair colors you can try are chestnut brown, cinnamon, ebony, even violet hues combined with lighter highlights that will intensify the colors.
Hair Color Ideas that Flatter Your Skin Tone Picture

Dark skin tone

If you can praise with a gorgeous dark skin tone, you are lucky enough to enjoy a wide color pallet that includes hues of red, golden browns, dark espresso, maple brown, mahogany, warm toffee, and black with tones of blue or purple.